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The ultimate framework for academic success

Learn more efficiently with hand-drawn flashcards and Pinsel's ai powered spaced repetition algorithm.


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increase productivityimprove grades
increase productivityimprove grades

No more pen and paper 📝

Compared to other tools such as Anki, Quizlet and StudySmarter, Pinsel relies on a digital pen.

That way, you're not limited by what you can type. You can easily draw diagrams, write out equations or vizalize charts.

It positively affects the environment

Apple Pencil Optimization
The Forgetting Curve

The two best learning methods in existence 🧠

Seamlessly apply the most effective study methods — active recall & spaced repetition — in school and university.

This will lead to a tremendous jump in exam results

What pinsel offers

Create flashcards with your Apple Pencil

Practice your study materials, super fast

Keep your lecture notes all in one place

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